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Border="0"> Beetle Juice - My Name Is Beetle Juice
Border="0"> Beetle Juice - Rap
Border="0"> Beetle Juice - Barfing
Border="0"> Austin Powers - Yeah Baby Yeah
Border="0"> Gunga Din, Bring Water Bring Water !
Border="0"> Ba Ba Booey
Border="0"> Rambo - It's Over Johnny, Nothing is Over !
Border="0"> Hey Now
Border="0"> Sling Blade - Hmm Hmm !
Border="0"> Disgruntled Haitian Caller - It Doesn't Matter !
Border="0"> Mary McCormack - Arriba Yell
Border="0"> Club Soda Johnny - I Hear Ya
Border="0"> Wow !
Border="0"> What A Piece Of Ass !
Border="0"> Ben Stern - Shut Up Sit Down !
Border="0"> Ben Stern - Don't Be Stupid You Moron
Border="0"> Ben Stern - Singing You'll Never Walk Alone
Border="0"> Ben Stern - Singing Old Man River
Border="0"> Hero Of The Stupid (Stuttering John Intro)
Border="0"> Crackhead Bob - Thaaat's It !
Border="0"> Pat Cooper - Boopa Woopie Beepie Woopa !
Border="0"> Pat Cooper - Who Told Ya That ?
Border="0"> George (Sulu) Takei's - Oh My !
Border="0"> Helloooo Friscoooo !
Border="0"> Henry Hill - Puhleeze !
Border="0"> Nancy Wilson - Sexy Sexy Man !
Border="0"> BaBa Booey Yodel
Border="0"> Oh Sexy Girlfriend !
Border="0"> Kirk Douglas - What Are You Saying
Border="0"> Your Tearing Me Apart !
Border="0"> Yum Yum
Border="0"> Arnold Swarzenegger - That's A Good One
Border="0"> Howard - Ah Yea Baby
Border="0"> Yaqi - Canal Pal (Short)
Border="0"> Yaqi - Canal Pal (Long)
Border="0"> Foot Licker
Border="0"> Yo Yo Yo Howard
Border="0"> What's Up Baby !

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